UNLV Fights

A lot of student-athletes have played sports both contact and non, however fight sports are a world unto themselves. All the safety gear worldwide still can’t mitigate whatever about getting hit, choked, or joint-locked. These sports aren’t for everyone, that’s why they call them Rebels.


In the fight capital of the world, UNLV Boxing has been an example for specialists of the sweet science on school since 1996. While the sport isn’t really extensive among university schools, here it’s a vital link between the UNLV and the culture of the city writ big.

The city’s highest-profile professional athlete, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., has actually used UNLV Boxing’s dedicated gym the McDermott Physical Education structure in the past, as has professional Joseph Parker.

Boasting around 30 active members, UNLV just recently saw its own, Michael Alvarez, reach the finals of the 147-pound National Collegiate Boxing Association regionals. The club’s leaders– president Daniela Rodriguez, vice president Xavier Williams and treasurer Arjan Jousif– wish to raise the profile of amateur boxing on school and in the city to a level befitting the world’s center of professional boxing.

Participation isn’t really for everybody– about half of people who come to try the sport leave it as soon as they get struck– however it does have certain advantages.

” As a lady, [self-defense] is among the main reasons I like it, in addition to a tension relief,” senior pre-professional biology student Rodriguez stated. “It’s a fantastic stress relief to punch a bag often.”

The discipline had to box has carryover impacts into the rest of an academic career, as well.

” When you remain in a fight, you have that worry in your soul, like ‘I’m frightened for my life although I understand I have the skills, the capability to beat this individual,'” junior business significant Williams stated. “If you can get in there and risk your life, you can do anything you put your mind to. You take that into the real life, you’re unstoppable.”


When upon a time, UNLV boasted a nationally ranked NCAA battling team. Given that 1984, though, the sport has been fallow on school. In 2015 Drew O’Neill, a doctoral trainee in mathematics, changed that, assisting get wrestling off the ground as a club sport with an eye on bring back the team to its approved splendor.

With 15 student-athletes, UNLV Fumbling completed in 2015 in the National Collegiate Wrestling Association’s Division 2, against regional schools like University of California, Los Angeles; Fresno State; and Dixie State.

With a foundation board led by UFC fighter Miesha Tate, the wrestling club has allies in its corner, however it still would need to create sufficient money– and find a compatible females’s sport to bring along– if it were to increase into the NCAA ranks. O’Neill, however, thinks it might be a possibility within 2 years.

” All these people are coming out of high school, although they’re 18, they’ve trained their entire lives to battle. They’ve nearly mastered a sport, then they come here and that’s all that’s gone,” O’Neill said. “The least I can do is get them some sort of competitors.”


A young club, UNLV Taekwondo has just been around given that 2015. Co-founded by psychology significant Anthony Riviera and now-alumna Lazara Gonzalez, this 22-member organization is for both veteran and new professionals of the Korean martial art.

Though the club, which boasts two black belts, does not currently travel to competition, Riviera hopes to quickly see the group begin to square up with trainees from other clubs at UNR and Arizona State.

” You can go to a fitness center every day and see the exact same faces and lift weights and all that,” Riviera stated. “But going to a fitness center and training with other individuals is different; you’re walking around and you’re striking and finding out the best ways to effectively strike.

And, he said, you’re building abilities like cooperation. “It’s an excellent bonding time with other similar individuals. It builds camaraderie, and it’s a great stress relief. College is demanding. Even for the smartest individuals it’s difficult. Taekwondo is a great way to launch, and it’s a good way of being active.”


In the blended martial arts capital, it’s no surprise that UNLV’s Jiu-Jitsu Club has actually been in operation for Ten Years.

Though this isn’t cage-fighting– strikes aren’t allowed at all– the UNLV club does practice full-contact, with the name of the video game requiring a challenger to submit from a joint lock or choke hold. With 30 active members, UNLV Jiu-Jitsu is a signed up trainee company, however finishing club president and history significant Michael McNeiece hopes it as soon as again becomes a competitive club sport.

“There’s a lot of jiu-jitsu professionals (among the student body) who aren’t active in the club, and I think that would change if we were a main sports club, going to competitions as the main UNLV jiu jitsu team,” he stated.

That would likewise make it much easier to raise funds to grow the club and spend for tournament costs. “The sport is expensive, sadly. It shouldn’t be. On its face, it’s a very little art; I just require another person to choke, and I can get better at jiu-jitsu,” he said. “But every gym is over $100 a month. Every piece of clothes is $50. Competition entries are $100 each. All of it adds up.”

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