UNLV Newsmakers 2018: November

UNLV had plenty to be appreciative for in November, with breakthroughs in research, chances for trainees, and a rivalry win on the arena all making headlines this month.

Ahead of November’s midterm elections, reporters from around the globe pertained to campus for stories on the youth vote. CBS News brought its Red & & Blue Program to UNLV, providing students from the Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies a chance to find out the ins and outs of a national program.

UNLV researchers made headings throughout the month for their work, that included confirmation of the oldest footprints ever discovered in the Grand Canyon, a look at the impact of wildfires on realty, and the very best method to combat music piracy.

The Fremont Cannon– college football’s largest and most pricey prize– is now back home at UNLV after the Rebels’ thrilling 34-29 success over competing UNR. The cannon also sports a fresh coat of scarlet paint after a campuswide event Nov. 26.

These stories and more comprise the current edition of UNLV Newsmakers.

Tiny Footprints, Big Discovery

UNLV paleontologist Steve Rowland and colleagues have actually confirmed the earliest footprints ever discovered in the Grand Canyon. The 310 million-year-old prints from a reptile-like creature were found by hikers in 2016 and reported by Rowland last month at a meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. There are 28 footprints which operate on a boulder on the edge of Bright Angel Trail.

After the Fire

Devastating megafires spread out through northern California this month, ravaging lots of communities. Wildfires are also happening more often throughout the West over the last few years, and Lee Company School Professor Shawn McCoy takes a look at the propensity of people to acquire houses in locations that have actually been through wildfires.

Can Music Piracy be Stopped? This Instructor May Have the Answer

A new study checked which anti-piracy warnings are the most reliable deterrent for people who illegally download music. The research, borne out of dissertation work by present UNLV psychology instructor Joanne Ullman, found that explicit anti-piracy hazards of surveillance are simply as efficient at frightening unlawful downloaders as huge fines. The expression “STOP. This is Illegal. You may be kept an eye on and fined” accompanied with a sign was proven most efficient in a research study of 220 undergrads’ responses to symbols, words, and phrases.

Don’t Leap Straight to ADHD Medical Diagnosis

Kids are typically hyper, display inattentiveness, and can even be spontaneous. And though this may be a case of ADHD, Ronald Brown, Dean of School of Allied Health Sciences, declares that moms and dads must not leap straight to an ADHD medical diagnosis for their children. According to Brown, It is a combination of specific characteristics at a minimum of six months, and in two settings such as school and house. There is likewise they key component, which is functional impairment. ADHD is becoming a growing number of detected, but it is important to be sure of that diagnosis.

What Microorganisms in Nevada’s Hot Springs Might Mean for Mars

Think in aliens? Brian Hedlund, professor of life sciences, and doctoral trainee researchers Ariel Friel gather microbes from neighborhoods found in springs found in parts of California and Nevada. By studying these microorganisms, they want to gain details about the possibility of life on other worlds, consisting of Mars.

CBSN’s “Red & & Blue “On School for Midterm Elections

One week prior to the midterm elections, CBS News checked out UNLV to film its day-to-day politics show “Red & & Blue.” The show aired live from UNLV’s campus and included interviews with professors and trainees. Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Researches trainees joined in on the production, giving them a rare experience to work side-by-side with leading experts in the field.

Election Specialists Roundup

This year was the year of the midterm elections, and UNLV political experts offer commentary before, during, and after the tallies were cast. David Damore ( Rewire News, KLAS-TV: 8 News Now, NewStatesmanAmerica, MotherJones, Nevada Current, Las Vegas Sun, The Hill). Dan Lee( KSNV-TV:ABC 13, CTV News Channel). Rebecca Gill( Nevada Current, The Chosunilbo). John Tuman( Voice of America, Wall Street Journal). Robert Lang( Nevada Current, Las Vegas Sun, Vegas PBS). Professors Include Context to theCountry’s Top News. UNLV professors professionals are routinely mentioned in top news outlets across the country, providing insight and commentary on the day’s pushing problems. UNLV Medication’s Dr. Deborah Kuhls consults with CNN about treating gunshot victims in the wake of another mass shooting in America. Geoscientist Matthew Lachniet speaks with Yahoo! News about Earth’s rising carbon dioxide levels. Sociologist Michael Ian Borer shares with the Boston World what another World Series win for the Red Sox implies about the city’s changing image and narrative. The Thrillist catches up with astrophysicist Jason Steffen, who developed the most effective method to board an aircraft. Anthropologist Alyssa Crittenden talks with Science Publication about dangers to a few of the world’s last hunter-gatherers. Political Researcher Austin Wang speaks with Bloomberg News and the Washington Post about Taiwan’s 2018 elections and what it could imply for that island’s president. UNLV psychology teacher and Senior Vice Provost Chris Heavey gets in touch with KSNV-TV to talk about ASMR, the relaxation pattern making waves on social media. Anthropologist Alan Simmons shares his viewpoint with National Geographic on a 9,000 year-old mask recently recuperated by Israeli anti-looting authorities. Rebel Football Gets Its Cannon Back. UNLV Football hosted competing UNR in its final game of the season, and covered the project with a win and the sought after Fremont Cannon– college football’s biggest rivalry prize– UNLV students and

staff celebrated by painting the cannon red on the following Monday early morning in celebration of the thrilling 34-29, come-from-behind win.

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