Vaccinations are vital

Sunday, Dec. 24, 2017|2 a.m.

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Last week, a number of individuals passed away in a terrible Washington train derailment, making national news. But did you know that without barely a media reference and per the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, 28 individuals have currently passed away here in 2017 from the influenza and pneumonia with another 350 dying from related causes?

Nevada’s elders, 65-plus and specifically those with chronic diseases are more susceptible to influenza and pneumococcal pneumonia than other age groups. These diseases can be avoided through vaccinations, which are in some cases ignored.

Nevada has among the country’s fastest-growing senior populations, and for those financially challenged, health care is not a priority. They do not realize insurance coverage could cover their vaccinations or they could get them totally free at a community health clinic. Availability is another concern, which is why households, pals and caregivers can offer a vital resource in getting the senior to a doctor, drug store or neighborhood health clinic to be vaccinated. Relative, nurses, physicians, caregivers and others who hang around the senior should also be immunized to offer additional health care.

An individual’s health need to always be a top concern, however especially for seniors. Whether they are entirely independent, have actually certified caretakers in their home or are residing in a more facility-based environment, safeguarding against illness is very important.

Please assist in keeping Nevada moms and dads and grandparents healthy. Make certain those 65 and older are vaccinated against pneumonia and the influenza.

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