Vehicle dealership states shooter called life '' unpleasant '.


Courtesy of Eric Paddock/ AP This undated image supplied by Eric Paddock shows his sibling, Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock. On Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017, Stephen Paddock opened fire on the Path 91 Harvest Festival killing lots and wounding hundreds.

Friday, Oct. 6, 2017|12:04 p.m.

Scott Armstrong, a Reno vehicle dealership, said Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock confided in him about relationship problems when the potential gunman stopped in planning to purchase a vehicle about two months earlier.

“Somehow or another we wound up speaking about bad relationships, and he confided that he was depressed and his life was miserable,” Armstrong said. “It simply struck me as really odd that someone would state that.”

Paddock, unshaven and dressed casually but not disheveled, didn’t elaborate on his relationship troubles, and Armstrong didn’t pry. He didn’t smile, and he “wasn’t extremely pleasant to speak to,” he stated.

“I might tell he was actually down or something,” Armstrong said. “I simply told him, I stated, ‘Hey I’ve been in some bad relationships myself. It’ll improve. Tomorrow will be a better day than today.’ “

Armstrong said he’s talked with FBI agents about his recollection.

Others who have interacted with Paddock have actually described him as a quiet and positive male who did not take part in deep conversations. Armstrong said he’s baffled by why he was so open with a complete stranger, but “my task is to put individuals with ease and aim to help them buy an automobile.”

How is he so particular Paddock is the downtrodden male who visited him?

“When’s the last time someone informed you their life was unpleasant? It sticks to you,” he stated

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