Video: Nurse detained after choosing not to draw blood from unconscious client

(MEREDITH) – A nurse claims she was assaulted by a Salt Lake City policeman when she refused to draw blood from an unconscious client.

Alex Wubbels was working as a charge nurse at the University of Utah Healthcare facility on July 26 when Cops Investigator Jeff Payne requested a blood sample from a semi-truck chauffeur who had actually been hurt in a head-on collision, KSL reports. Another driver who caused the crash was apparently running away from cops and passed away at the scene.

Payne said he required the victim’s blood sample for an examination, in a body camera video launched throughout an interview on Thursday.

Wubbels refused the demand, pointing out a healthcare facility policy which does not enable blood to be taken from an unconscious patient unless the patient is under arrest, unless the patient provides approval or unless there is a warrant from a judge.

Still, the officer pressed for a sample. When Wubbels continued to deny the order, Payne handcuffed her and marched her from the health center.

Mobile users, click here to view the video.” I’m just a nurse attempting to safeguard my

clients,”Wubbels stated in the video. Wubbels was in the officer’s police car for 20 minutes before she was released. Charges were never filed against her.

“I just feel betrayed, I feel mad,” Wubbels said during Thursday’s interview. “I feel a great deal of things. And I am still puzzled. I’m a healthcare employee. The only task I have is to keep my patients safe. A blood draw, it simply gets tossed around there like it’s some easy thing. However blood is your blood. That’s your home. And when a client can be found in a vital state, that blood is incredibly essential and I do not take it lightly.”

Payne stated the blood sample would essentially protect, not punish the patient, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

He apparently stated Lt. James Tracy, an on-duty watch commander, recommended him to jail Wubbels for disrupting an authorities examination if the nurse declined his order. Throughout the news conference, Wubbels’ lawyer, Karra Porter, said Payne likewise believed he was authorized to collect the sample due to the fact that of “implied consent.” Nevertheless, Porter stated that law changed in Utah years back.

On Friday, Salt Lake City police put Detective Jeff Payne on paid leave and prosecutors called for a criminal examination.

The Salt Lake City authorities chief and mayor likewise asked forgiveness and altered department policies following the July 26 incident.

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