Warmer weather indicates more bugs


As if our triple-digit temperatures aren’t bad enough, the scorching weather is highlighting the bugs.

Bug control specialists state throughout the summertime we see all kinds of bugs that we wouldn’t see in the winter season.

“Well, you tend to see a little bit more of everything – a lot more scorpions, ants, cockroaches, spiders,” stated Daniel Stewart with Valley View Insect Control.

Stewart stated our risings temperature levels help bugs move around faster, and breeding is a lot more active.

Some things you can do to remaining bugs at bay include keeping a clean backyard and ensuring there is no standing water on your property.

“No weeds, no debris piled up versus the house, no stagnant water. Do not let an upside-down garbage can lid filled with water sit in your backyard for 2 weeks. They are desperate for water right now,” Stewart said.

While some pests can just be an annoyance, others can be deadly, like the black widow, which is seen more throughout the summertime.

“You’ll see black widows in a lot of garages, out behind your shed, in the garden, stuff like that, and if you get bit you can get a fever, and it’s a lot worse for children and the elderly,” Stewart stated.

Family physician Dr. Daliah Wachs said she saw a record quantity of scorpion stings last summertime. If you do get stung, there are some things you must do.

“We tell you to put some cold compresses on it. We do not always wish to ice it, since the ice can cause necrosis to the tissue since you’re starting to lose blood flow. So you wish to put some cold compresses on it because it makes it feel better and slows down a few of the spread. Never draw on it. Never ever try to suck the venom out – that’s not good,” Wachs said.

If you dislike any kind of venom, make sure you’re prepared.

“Make sure you have an EpiPen, which is an epinephrine subcutaneous needle that you can stab yourself with if you have to and infuse your leg with it,” Wachs said.

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