Weapons, taxes highlight differences of opinion

Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018|2 a.m.

Student representative Russell Ro of Advanced Technologies Academy during the 61st annual Las Vegas Sun Youth Forum at the Las Vegas Convention Center Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017.

Angela Duckworth, professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and CEO/founder of the Character Laboratory, released a “habits modification revolution” in which the world’s renowned social researchers gathered to speak and collectively produce a behavior-change program focused on promoting health, education and personal finance. Issues were plainly described, ideas were exchanged and typical efforts were developed by the team of erudites.

Duckworth highlighted that if it weren’t for the valuable feedback from the taking part scientists, many essential questions and ideas concerning their study design would not have existed to support this potentially world-changing effort.

The procedure provided in Duckworth’s initiative is analogous to the student-led meetings of Sun Youth Online Forum. Because our room was identified “Potpourri,” we found ourselves presented with numerous concerns that touched on unique themes. As a member of the conversation, I took it upon myself to learn by listening and to inform by speaking. As a representative of my room, I carry the task to communicate the valuable concepts formed by our cumulative compromise.

Initially, the laws regarding weapon ownership have never ever been so appropriate today in this year’s online forum. Our room presented a clear divide as two factions consisted of 2nd Change gatekeepers and anti-firearm zealots. The former used the fallacious argument that violence would undoubtedly occur whether guns are disallowed or not, while the latter promoted for the instant abolition for gun ownership based on Australia’s effective policy. Despite our distinctions, we concerned a consensus that there is an absence of background checks and enforcement as unstable individuals have ease of access in obtaining deadly weapons. The United States’s recent shootings, most notably the Oct. 1 massacre, produced mass deaths due to our absence of policy limitations and enforcements on firearms, and if actions aren’t required to prevent needless gun acquisition, more innocent lives will be lost. We might not be able to change the minds of the ill-intended, however we can deterring criminal offense by imposing it in the first location.

Replacing the Irs proved to be a divisive, hot topic. Once again, 2 factions formed. The extreme right promoted for the flat tax and justified this by highlighting the hypocrisy presented by America’s foundation on equity when some people get taxed at higher rates than others. The left wing advocated for the IRS as they believe the reasoning found in taxing the abundant at greater rates only serves to make the nation run more efficiently.

Preserving the Internal Revenue Service superseded developing a flat tax. Specifically in our country that deals with debt in the trillions, pragmatism must be our main focus, and if that implies letting the rich take mere damages to their revenue, then that path needs to be taken. Preferably, preserving and, perhaps, reforming the IRS to a concrete system of income-based tax would not just be the most efficient in our economy however would not pose as much challenge to already-struggling low-income workers as compared with the affluent citizen.

Much like the “habits modification revolution” led by Duckworth and her team of social scientists, we detailed our greatest problems on the 2 topics pointed out, exchanged our unique perspectives and developed an initiative to execute our compromise-reached solution. Being presented to this professional procedure not only proved to me the importance of diversity in cooperation however enriched us student individuals to be well-informed and involved in our more comprehensive scope of neighborhood. From Duckworth’s initiative to a forum of like-minded high-school trainees, the power of lots of have massive ramifications for the advantage of all.

Russell Ro is a senior at Advanced Technologies Academy.

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