Why is Trump barking?

Friday, Jan. 19, 2018|2 a.m.

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Watergate was a third-rate robbery by Republican operatives, and Richard Nixon put himself in a box by covering it up.

So if there was nothing incorrect with the conduct of the Trump project, why is Donald Trump so dismissive of the Russia examination? It is said that the canine who barks the loudest is the most scared.

Trump publicly stated that he hoped Russia could help find Hillary Clinton’s e-mails. Is it acceptable to encourage a foreign enemy to meddle in the election then purport to ease sanctions on that adversary? Mike Flynn spoke to Sergei Kislyak about easing sanctions and then lied about it.

Trump tweeted that he fired Flynn since he lied to the vice president and the FBI. This indicates that he understood Flynn had actually done incorrect before meeting former FBI Director James Comey. After Trump fired Comey, he told Lester Holt that it was because of the Russia probe. Trump has continuously hounded members of Congress and other authorities to stop the Russia examination.

We do unknown exactly what unique counsel Robert Mueller has found, however he wants to speak with Trump.

How far will Trump, who is increasingly panicked, go to squelch the examination?

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