Working at Vegas Indoor Skydiving is more than a job; it’s a lifestyle

Dave McMahan is brave. Always has been. And as the head of business development for Vegas Indoor Skydiving, the only indoor skydiving home in the united state, he gets to play with what he calls “the coolest toy ever.”

Earplugs are essential when seeing McMahan climb into the wind tunnel that holds the propeller from a DC-3 aircraft and consequently float in the air. It’s fairly loud when turned on complete blast, creating end up to 120 mph.

Courageous features the territory, as lots of VIS staff members have actually clocked a lot of flights in the tunnel to even count. “Right here, it replicates the totally free fall element of skydiving,” McMahan stated. “It’s 2 various things that are precisely the exact same– skydiving is a great deal of prep work, a great deal of dedication, rather than this.”

McMahan has been working as an instructor given that 1998. He quickly left to pursue his rock ‘n’ roll dream, playing drums in a local band, Clockwise. “The 2 major enthusiasms in my life: music and flying,” said the Las Vegas native. While the drumsticks have been put away, McMahan could not be happier at VIS. “I get to meet people from every corner of the world working here. I find out so much about cultures. I get to see every shape, size and accent in the world.”

His second preferred part of working at VIS: “I actually enjoy taking (the handicapped) in there,” he said. “Wounded warriors, vets, it brings pleasure to them; it alters their life.”

Vegas Indoor Skydiving mementos

VIS brings happiness to McMahan’s life, too. “Laughter is the only thing that will certainly make this world right. And everyone that works right here is amusing, goofy, open and welcoming,” he stated. “Coming here to fly, connecting with us, it’s one celebration, something individuals won’t forget. It makes any Vegas trip memorable.”

Vegas Indoor Skydiving mementos

Don’t leave without a keepsake from your time at Vegas Indoor Skydiving. After the nearly two-hour experience at the place, which includes a 20-minute instructional class on ways to manage flying in the wind tunnel, guests can take a piece of the party home. Choose from baseball caps, coffee mugs, shot glasses, water bottles, T-shirts, hoodies and more. You can likewise catch your moment inside the wind tunnel by buying images or a DVD of your flight.

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