America has what it takes

Friday, Oct. 26, 2018|2 a.m.

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At Gettysburg, President Abraham Lincoln posed that the Civil War was a test of whether our country, “developed in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal” or any nation “so developed therefore dedicated,” could long sustain. We have for over 150 years. “Sustained” seems to be the right term considering that it has been a rocky road.

Some of our internal concerns, while possibly not as extreme as the worst faced by Lincoln, relate and are evolutionary in nature. Racial concerns stay. We have economic concerns consisting of a widening space between the abundant and the poor, with an increasingly stressed out middle class. We have a huge and growing nationwide financial obligation. We have an aging population, triggering increasing requirements for long-lasting care. And we have a nationwide drug issue.

External problems have occurred as our prominence in world affairs has actually grown. We have problems in establishing coherent and constant foreign policies for a complicated world. We appear to be irritating allies and confusing everybody.

Problems are frequently addressed using a “meat cleaver” technique instead of a “scalpel” approach.

By and large, Americans are hardworking, sensible and good-natured. They respond well, with an ideal amount of grumbling and grumbling, to good management and governance.

With appropriate policy assistance, we have the resources to lay the groundwork for attending to and dealing with significant issues. Top priorities need to be set however if the proper bipartisan groundwork has been laid, each problem will be simpler to deal with.

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