#BeRebelSafe: Establish Your Plan

Recently we explored the very first pillar of exactly what it suggests to be #BeRebelSAFE: Be Educated. Knowing all the methods to receive emergency situation notifications, no matter your location, is essential. What follows? Pillar 2 is establishing your emergency situation strategy.

Whether it’s an earthquake, drought, severe heat, fire, flash flood, or harmful material emergency situation, preparing in advance and understanding exactly what you will carry out in various emergency situation situations is essential to your security.

It begins with establishing a communications plan– this means addressing the “Exactly what if?” questions: “Exactly what if something happens and I’m not with my family? Will I be able to reach them? How will they understand if I’m safe? Exactly what if I don’t have my mobile phone?”

During an emergency you will have to send and get information from friend or family. Interaction networks we rely on every day, our mobile phone or social media networks, might be undependable or not available. Planning beforehand will assist make sure that all the members of your family understand other ways reach one another.

Action 1: Assemble a list of family, family members, and friends to call, text, or e-mail in the event of an emergency.

Action 2: Assemble this info onto a contact card. Consider including emergency phone numbers for regional hospitals, family doctors, pharmacies, neighbors, utility business, poison control centers, vets, and so on

. Step 3: Make certain everybody brings a copy in his/her knapsack, wallet, bag, or car. Stick one of the household fridge or on your bulletin board in your dorm room.

Step 4: Practice frequently. Discuss with your roomie exactly what you would do if you needed to leave your dormitory– select an area to meet and consider the different ways to obtain there. Specify safe locations with your household: inside, in your area, and beyond your community and city. Practice sending text and what they should state to let others know you’re safe.

Preparedness starts in your home, take the steps today toward establishing an emergency situation strategy and #BeRebelSAFE.

For extra details see https://www.unlv.edu/safety or call the Workplace of Emergency Situation Management at 702-895-5766.

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