Bustling economy, abundant diversity make Tijuana a special place

Friday, Dec. 7, 2018|2 a.m.

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Thousands of migrants are arriving in Tijuana to seek asylum in the United States. Some media are framing Tijuana as an unwelcoming and risky city. However as a long-lasting homeowner of this unique place, I desire Americans to know 3 factors they can be thankful for the power of partnership and neighborhood that are the real calling cards of my hometown.

Fueling financial development on both sides of the border

The United States and Mexico have actually been economic partners for years through the strength of cross-border collaboration between Tijuana and San Diego. I remember Tijuana’s 1994 “Sis City” pact with San Diego that assisted set the stage for where we are today.

It’s no accident that Tijuana is now home to the world’s largest land border crossing. In collaboration with southern California, we’ve developed an interdependent market that motivates an ingenious and growing commercial economy. The Tijuana area is now home to more than 570 first-rate corporations that provide excellent employment for Mexicans and Americans alike. Those consist of companies like Panasonic, Foxconn, Plantronics, Bose and Samsung.

Tijuana is not merely a border town one crosses– it is a center that attracts business and individuals. It has actually grown a regional economy into a global, binational market that affects essential North American markets in California, the Pacific Rim and Latin America. This development is not by accident. It’s part of the Tijuana’s value to constantly pursue originalities with passion and desire.

Advancing talent advancement in the region

While Americans are rightfully pleased with their own system of college, few likely know much about the flourishing university in Tijuana that Americans cross the border every day to participate in. My organization, CETYS University, has campuses in border areas consisting of Tijuana and Mexicali, and we’re happy for the opportunity to educate students from both sides of the border and from all over the world.

Like our peers in the United States, we’re charged with transforming lives through education and developing the kind of skill that can fuel financial development. That undertaking increasingly occurs in partnership with U.S.-based organizations and corporations. And it certainly breaks down the borders of partnership in between our countries.

I have personally experienced the power of our Tijuana campus for more than 15 years now and I have actually seen how Mexican and American students can develop into the type of talent that drives the innovation that our economy needs. There is no doubt that when it pertains to skill creation and development, our futures in Mexico and the United States are inextricably connected.

Tijuana is a melting pot similar to the U.S.

Residing in the northern part of Mexico has given us an unique, independent identity. Yet the United States constantly viewed us as the most Mexican neighborhood closest to the border. These dueling identities breed a perseverance and sense of community amongst Tijuanenses that is– attempt I state it– similar to the spirit of determination discovered among many Americans.

Tijuana has actually ended up being a melting pot that inspects no box however its own. We are comprised of individuals all around Mexico, Asian neighborhoods from China, Korea and Japan, Latin neighborhoods from across Central America and a growing population of Americans from the Southwest.

Yes, we fight crime and drugs similar to major American cities, however there’s so much more to our story. Tijuana is progressing in many positive methods and we are proud of our melting-pot culture.

I’m positive about what we can continue constructing together on both sides of the border.

Francisco Reyes is the director of communications for CETYS University, a leading private university system in Mexico. He composed this for InsideSources.com.

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