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Trump muses staffing modifications, won'' t commit to keeping Kelly


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Image”/ > Evan Vucci/ AP White Home Chief of Staff John Kelly sees as President Donald Trump speaks during a signing ceremony for the “Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Company Act,” in the Oval Workplace of the White Home, Friday, Nov. 16, 2018, in Washington. Trump isn’t committing to a previous pledge to keep Kelly for the remainder of his term.

Sunday, Nov. 18, 2018|9:15 a.m.

WASHINGTON– President Donald Trump isn’t dedicating to a previous promise to keep chief of personnel John Kelly for the remainder of his term, part of extensive speculation about staffing changes that might quickly sweep through his administration.

Trump, in an extensive interview that aired on “Fox News Sunday,” applauded Kelly’s work ethic and much of what he brings to the position but included, “There are particular things that I do not like that he does.”

” There are a couple of things where it’s just not his strength. It’s not his fault. It’s not his strength,” stated Trump, who included that Kelly himself might wish to leave.

Asked whether he would keep Kelly in his post through 2020, the president provided just that “it could happen.” Trump had earlier pledged publicly that Kelly would stay through his very first term in office, though lots of in the West Wing were hesitant.

Trump stated he mored than happy with his Cabinet but was thinking about changing “3 or four or five positions.” One of them is Homeland Security chief Kirstjen Nielsen, whose departure is now considered unavoidable. Trump stated in the interview that he could keep her on, however he made clear that he wished she would be harder in executing his hard-line migration policies and enforcing border security.

The list of potential replacements for Nielsen includes a profession lawman, two military officers and former acting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement head. However her eventual replacement will find there’s no navigating the migration laws and court challenges that have thwarted the president’s hard-line agenda at every turn– even if there’s better individual chemistry.

Trump also went over the removal of Mira Ricardel, a deputy nationwide security adviser who is being moved to another position in the administration after clashes with the East Wing culminated in an amazing statement from first lady Melania Trump that required her removal. The president stated Ricardel was “not too diplomatic, however she’s talented” and minimized the concept that his partner was calling the shots in the White House.

He likewise dismissed a series of reports that he had been fuming in the week after the Democrats caught the House of Representatives, claiming instead that the mood of the West Wing was “extremely light.”

The president also addressed a series of other subjects:

— He said he “would not get included” if his option for acting attorney general of the United States, Matt Whitaker, decided to cut special counsel Robert Mueller’s examination into 2016 election disturbance and possible ties in between the Trump campaign and Russia. Whitaker was previously a strong critic of the probe, and Democrats have called for him to recuse himself from overseeing it. Trump stated that “It’s going to depend on him” which “I really think he’s going to do what’s right.”

— He downplayed a federal judge’s choice to bring back CNN press reporter Jim Acosta’s White Home press pass however derided a supposed lack of “decorum” amongst reporters who cover the administration. Trump likewise restated that the White Home was going to write rules of conduct for reporters at press conference, including, “If he misbehaves, we’ll toss him out or we’ll stop the press conference.”

— He also safeguarded his incendiary attacks on journalism, that include labeling press reporters the “opponent of individuals,” a phrase more closely associated with authoritarian routines. Trump suggested that his recruiter, Chris Wallace, was no “angel,” and bristled when the host from Fox News, which normally gives him beneficial protection, said that the media was in “uniformity.” Trump stated, “I am calling phony news, fake reporting, is what’s tearing this nation apart because people know, individuals like things that are happening and they’re not hearing about it.”

Why a salmonella outbreak shouldn'' t destroy your Thanksgiving


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=” /wp-content/uploads/2018/11/AP18319782971354_t653.jpg” alt=” Image”/ > Matt Rourke/ AP This Wednesday, April 11, 2012 file photo reveals turkeys at a farm in Lebanon, Pa. To eliminate the possibility of salmonella, cook birds to an internal temperature level of a minimum of 165 degrees.

Sunday, Nov. 18, 2018|9:15 a.m.

New York City– There’s no factor to skip Thanksgiving dinner because of a salmonella break out linked to raw turkey.

That’s according to health authorities who’ve been keeping an eye on the year-old outbreak. However they say it’s a reminder to effectively prepare your holiday bird. Cooking kills salmonella.

The continuous outbreak and recall last week of ground turkey might however leave you with a few questions when reaching for a plate of turkey.


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Salmonella is considered widespread in poultry, and it’s perfectly legal for grocery stores to sell raw turkey that has the bacteria. Part of the reasoning for permitting salmonella is that people do not consume chicken medium rare, said Timothy Lytton, a Georgia State University law teacher. In 1974, a court stated that “American housewives and cooks usually are not oblivious and silly” which they understand how to prepare food so people do not get ill.

Even though salmonella is not forbidden in raw meat or poultry, regulators inspect to make sure the number of samples at processing plants that evaluate positive for the germs is within requirements. Rules are tighter for whole turkeys, and the industry states the opportunities of discovering salmonella in entire birds are “extremely low.”

The turkey market points out actions it takes to decrease threat, such as making use of antimicrobial rinses.

The rules vary for other products. For example, salmonella is not allowed packaged foods that aren’t cooked to eliminate bacteria.


Because it began in 2015, the break out connected to raw turkey has triggered one death and 164 reported illnesses in 35 states. Up until recently, regulators had not been able to connect any cases to a specific item or supplier. That’s despite the fact that detectives said 29 unidentified slaughtering and processing plants evaluated positive for the salmonella strain included.

The recall might be confusing since federal guidelines are contradictory. The U.S. Department of Farming doesn’t restrict salmonella however can ask business to recall products once they are clearly revealed to be responsible for health problems. The USDA’s Carmen Rottenberg said the firm can’t take action till it has adequate evidence.

According to the USDA, the people who got gastrointestinal disorder reported consuming various kinds of turkey products and brand names. Cases likewise included people who managed raw turkey family pet food or worked with live turkeys.

Salmonella spreads out through animal feces. It is blamed for an estimated 1 million cases of food poisoning a year, with symptoms consisting of diarrhea, vomiting and stomach cramps. Whether somebody gets sick depends on the strength of the stress

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, the amount and the person’s vulnerability, the USDA notes. But the company states cooking ought to eliminate salmonella.


The USDA tied one disease in Arizona to Jennie-O ground turkey meat. The recall by Jennie-O was limited to turkey from a single day’s production in September from a production line in Wisconsin. The plans had use-by dates of early October however might still remain in freezers.

Regulators say more products from other business could still be linked to the health problems. Parent business Hormel Foods Corp. said it owns five of the 29 plants that tested positive for the bacterium.

The continuous break out does not necessarily mean there’s more food poisoning from salmonella. Enhanced detection might simply be discovering break outs that in the past might have appeared like unrelated cases, stated Sarah Sorscher of the Center for Science in the general public Interest.

” It’s shedding a light on a longstanding issue,” she stated.


Health authorities say appropriate handling and cooking need to eliminate any salmonella. A couple of points to remember:

— It appears counterintuitive, however do not wash raw turkey– that can spread out any germs.

— Tidy hands and cooking surface areas that enter contact with raw turkey.

— Cook birds to an internal temperature of a minimum of 165 degrees.

Hormel’s Richard Carlson worried salmonella in turkey is not uncommon and that correct handling and cooking ought to get rid of it– even in the Jennie-O ground turkey remembered last week. Regulators, though, say to toss it out.

Las Vegas asks city’s locals to ‘open the dream box’ on parks downtown


C. Moon Reed Kuang Xian, right, a landscape architect with specialists Style Workshop, talks with a resident about Las Vegas ‘plans for expanding parks downtown during a recent public conference at the Municipal Swimming pool.

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Downtown covers 13 square miles, however just about 1.3 percent of it is committed to parks. City coordinators wish to change that, increasing to about 9 percent in the next 25 years.

They envision turning underutilized areas and wide roadways into park locations to create shaded corridors that are easy to walk and inviting for recreation. More crucial, the Las Vegas Downtown Open Space and Tracks Master Strategy aims to make downtown park locations safe and inviting for all.

The job area consists of a series of varied communities, from the resort location and Fremont East to Symphony Park and 18b Arts District to the west side to the Medical District and the Entrance to downtown.

“We’ve done respectable at letting people open the dream box,” states Michael Howe, a planner and city designer for Las Vegas. “How do we manage vagrancy problems while attempting to design something that takes on Park at MGM and the Linq? We want downtown to provide the same caliber of urban space as the Strip. What does it require to do that?”

City planner Maria Jose Norero states that feedback– based upon a September public conference and an ongoing online study– reveals that residents mainly desire more secure and more properly maintained parks.

“We need increased green areas downtown … we need more parks and we require to do better managing them,” Norero stated.

About 30 Las Vegans ended up Wednesday night to provide their responses. Massive maps and architectural plans lined the walls of a class at downtown’s Community Pool, and participants were offered Post-It notes with which to increase the maps.

Amber Sigismondi and Raniel Aspillaga went to the conference as representatives of an exercises group, LV Barstarzz.

Sigismondi is promoting for parks to have more bars, such as pull-up bars and parallette bars, in addition to much better park maintenance. She states that better parks could “get people interested in the fitness way of life.”

“Downtown could be an awesome tourist attraction,” Sigismondi said.

Aspillaga wants to see outdoor workout areas in parks. A former Strip concierge, he said guests would frequently ask him where they might work out that wasn’t an indoor fitness center, and he wouldn’t have anywhere to really suggest.

Rut Laureano, single mommy and special education elementary school teacher, want to see playground locations be integrated with workout choices for adults. “What I see are playgrounds surrounded by passive areas for parents to sit around to enjoy kids, however no joiner of the two.” She ‘d likewise like to see routes that could much better accommodate running with a stroller.

Duncan, a board member for the Harrison House, would like the city to develop the west side’s Leader Trail by including lighting, streetscaping, outdoor furnishings. There were large maps illustrating enhancements to Fremont Street and Third Street, but no obvious maps for enhancing the Pioneer Path.

“We can link North Las Vegas and Las Vegas, bring more industrial and tourism to our area,” she stated.

Duncan likewise would like parks in the historic west side where children could play soccer, trip bikes and roller skate or skateboard.

“There are very few trees in my neighborhood,” Duncan stated. “I know I reside in a desert, but there’s no location where you can go walk, so we’ve been looking at ways to change the community ourselves as homeowners.”

Guest Cathy Brooks owns and runs the Hydrant Club, a personal downtown dog park. She says outdoor green area is crucial to happy urban living however that downtown Las Vegas lacks outdoor spaces that feel safe and comfy.

“I happen to run a personal park, and among the primary reasons my clients are members is because of their desire to have a safe, clean area, where they’re not stressed over trash, needles and that sort of stuff.”

She states that much of her “dream list items” for downtown open areas are already on the table, such as turning Fremont Street into a walkable drive with “locations to rest and big trees that offer shade.”

“I like the idea of micro green spots, and I enjoy the park adapter from the Arts District to Downtown,” she stated.

Brooks initially was skeptical of the parks plan, but she states that she’s only seen positive movement.

“I think about downtown like a patchwork quilt, but none of patches were ever stitched together. This appears like an effort to not just enhance the spots, however really sew them together with connective tissues.”

Why we have actually spoken out so often about Donald Trump

Sunday, Nov. 18, 2018|2 a.m.

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Sixty-five times in 2018, the Las Vegas Sun has actually released editorials criticizing President Donald Trump.

That’s a lot of criticism, no question, and much of it has been bracing. We have actually called him a coward, accused him of un-American behavior and suggested he’s committed treason, to name a few things.

So why have we spoken out so frequently and so stridently about the president? Today, we ‘d like to explain.

We appetite for the America where people interacted to solve issues. We cravings for an America where we might honorably disagree with one another without thinking our opponents are wicked.

We desire an American president who comprehends and complies with the guideline of law.

We thirst for a nationwide discussion based upon realities and honesty, not conspiracy theories and fearmongering.

We want to see a Republican Party that isn’t dominated by racist impulses. There was a variation of the GOP that hated racism, anti-Semitism and all brand names of bigotry– lots of Republicans still hold high values, however they have been cowed into silence for now.

We want to go back to a brand of democracy that motivates everybody to vote and counts each and every vote. We wish to see elections in which presidents do not lie and make up scandals.

We wish for a GOP that stands happily for females’s rights.

We want an American president who calls us to our greater nature, not one who triggers us to cringe at his inhumanity and shudder at his upset stupidity. We want a president who seeks to unify us, instead of pander to his minority base and rich backers.

Whether the country is run by liberals or conservatives does not matter even insisting that it is run by individuals who value the greatness and generosity and knowledge of traditional American values.

We desire a country where fascists and neo-Nazis are not welcomed and encouraged.

We desire a nation that doesn’t reject obvious science and clear facts when making policy.

We desire a nation figured out to leave a better world for our children.

We want a country that values education.

We desire a country that thinks in reasonable play and concerns civil service as working for the people– all of them.

We want a nation that enthusiastically encourages democracy and decency worldwide. We desire a nation that values its allies.

We desire a nation that doesn’t lick the boots of punks like Vladimir Putin.

We desire a nation that comprehends that practical migration makes us better and richer as a culture.

We desire a country where simple honesty and goodwill towards our fellow Americans are held as dear.

Trump and the movement he leads are figured out to destroy the very best within America. They look for to pervert every one of our most spiritual values.

Which’s why we’ve been so crucial. It’s because what’s happening to America under Trump is not regular in any regard. We feel it’s our task not only as reporters but as Americans to point it out.

This is a president who has proven himself to be a threat to our nation’s democracy, its international standing and our national unity.

His attempts to challenge the FBI, the courts and other governmental institutions weaken public trust and threaten to disintegrate our system of government. His vilification of minorities and other groups spurs anger in between Americans, emboldens extremists and has actually sparked a rise in hate criminal offenses. His embrace of totalitarians and unsightly behavior toward our allies compromises our international relations.

His offenses of decorum and civility deteriorate our public dialogue and deteriorate our national perfects of respect, compassion and self-respect. So do his awful views of ladies and the ruthlessness he’s displayed in breaking apart households at the border and demonizing immigrants and refugees for his political convenience.

Then there’s his continuous lying and embellishing, which has actually left Americans unable to even agree on what is fact.

This is a president like no other, in numerous dark aspects.

And what makes him even more unsafe is that he’s operating at a time like no other.

Americans are locked in information bubbles and social echo chambers where realities and nonconforming perspectives can’t get in as lies are traded like political currency. On the other hand, younger generations are denied of the focus on history and civics that was once a staple of public school education.

This holding true, we believe it is our responsibility to our readers and community to mention how this presidency and the Trumpist phenomena disfigure our nation.

The point here isn’t to take potshots, to pile on or to have fun at somebody else’s cost.

We have a president who is not doing anything less than trying to tear apart the American system of government, vandalize the core concepts that specify Americans and defile what is excellent and great about this nation. We will fight all of that to the last drop of ink.

In May 1918, Theodore Roosevelt wrote the following in an editorial for the Kansas City Star: “To announce that there should be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, best or incorrect, is not only unpatriotic and servile, however is ethically treasonable to the American public.”

We agree.

Signed: Brian Greenspun, publisher and editor

Trump visits as California has a hard time to locate 1,000 individuals


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Image”/ > Evan Vucci/ AP President Donald Trump greets California Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom as he gets here on Flying force One at Beale Air Force Base for a check out to locations impacted by the wildfires, Saturday, Nov. 17, 2018, at Beale Flying Force Base, Calif., as Gov. Jerry Brown, stands at center.

Saturday, Nov. 17, 2018|12:35 p.m.

PARADISE, Calif.– President Donald Trump showed up in Northern California on Saturday to see firsthand the grief and devastation from the most dangerous U.S. wildfire in a century in the middle of confusion over the number of people remain unaccounted for.

Authorities confirmed a brand-new death toll of 71 and say they are trying to find 1,011 individuals, even as they stressed that not all are thought missing out on.

California’s outbound and inbound governors, both Democrats and vocal critics of Trump, welcomed him when he landed at Beale Flying force Base just north of Sacramento and got onto a helicopter. Gov. Jerry Brown and Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom welcomed Trump’s check out, stating it’s time “to gather for the people of California.”

The blaze that started Nov. 8 mainly damaged the town of Paradise, population 27,000, and greatly damaged the neighboring communities of Magalia and Concow. It destroyed more than 9,800 houses and at its height displaced 52,000 people.

Trump also was expected to drop in Southern California, where a wildfire recently killed 3 individuals and a gunman shot a dozen individuals to death at a country music bar in Thousand Oaks on Nov. 7 prior to eliminating himself.

The fire zone in Northern California is to some level Trump nation. He beat Hillary Clinton by 4 percentage points in Butte County in 2016.

But Trump has stirred resentment among survivors for blaming the fire on bad forest management in California, making the comments 2 days after the catastrophe on Twitter and repeating them the day of his visit.

” If you insult people, then you go visit them, how do you think you’re going to be accepted? You’re not going to have a parade,” Maggie Crowder of Magalia said this week outside a casual shelter at a Walmart store in Chico.

However Stacy Lazzarino, who elected Trump, stated it would benefit the president to see the destruction up close: “I believe by maybe seeing it he’s going to be like ‘Oh, my goodness,’ and it might start opening people’s eyes.”

Firefighters were reluctant to weigh in on Trump’s visit, but some shared their thoughts.

Nick Shawkey, a state fire captain from rural Northern California, stated Trump’s check out was the mark of a great leader. But to indicate the state was to blame for mismanaging the forests was based upon a misconception because much of the forest land in California is managed by the U.S. Forest Service, he said.

” The thing he’s tweeting about is his residential or commercial property,” Shawkey said.

Paul Briones, a firefighter from Bakersfield, forecasted Trump’s see would be a big increase to the neighborhood, showing “that this on a national level is a priority.”

More than 5,600 fire workers were battling the blaze that covered 231 square miles (598 square kilometers) and was halfway contained, officials stated.

Firefighters were racing versus time with winds up to 40 miles per hour and low humidity expected Saturday night into Sunday. Rain was anticipated for midweek, which could help firefighters but also make complex the difficult look for remains.

” It’s a disheartening scenario,” Butte County Constable Kory Honea told press reporters Friday. “As much as I wish we might survive this prior to the rains come, I don’t understand if that’s possible.”

The number of individuals unaccounted for grew to more than 1,000 on Friday. But Honea acknowledged the list was “vibrant” and might quickly consist of replicate names and undependable spellings of names.

The lineup probably consists of some who fled the blaze and do not understand they have actually been reported missing, he said.

” We are still receiving calls. We’re still examining e-mails,” Honea stated. “This is an enormous undertaking. We have hundreds and numerous individuals dealing with this.”

Households looking for loved ones have actually scoured shelters and social networks and say they comprehend the mayhem of the situation, however the wait for information is painful.

For one family, good news arrived by telephone.

Monica Whipple said Friday that she was boarding an aircraft back to North Carolina when she got a call two days ago that her mom, Donna Rate, had been discovered alive at a shelter.

” It was so insane, I began weeping in front of everybody,” Whipple stated.

For too many others, the wait has actually ended with bad news.

Sol Bechtold searched for his 75-year-old mom, Caddy, and provided DNA samples to authorities. As he drove back to his house in Pleasanton, California, he got a call from an officer and was informed his mother’s remains were found in her burned-down home in Magalia.

” It’s difficult to understand your mother is gone,” Bechtold said.

Police: Medical episode may have led to fatal southeast Las Vegas crash.

Saturday, Nov. 17, 2018|12:59 p.m.

. An Arizona driver who passed away early today may have suffered a medical episode before crashing his SUV in the southeast valley, according to Metro Police.

The crash took place about 4 a.m. on eastbound Sunset Road, near Pecos Road.

A 65-year-old male from Bullhead City, Ariz., remained in a 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe when it drifted out of traffic, striking a light post and areas of a block wall, prior to returning to the road, police stated. That’s where the SUV pertained to a rest.

The guy died at Dawn Health center and Medical Center, authorities stated. The cause of death wasn’t immediately understood.

No other injuries were reported.

Apple indications multiyear handle film studio A24


< img class=" photograph" src=" /wp-content/uploads/2018/11/AP17213730887632_t653.jpg" alt =" Image"

/ > Tony Avelar/ AP In this June 13, 2016, file picture, the Apple logo design is revealed on a screen at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in the Expense Graham Civic Auditorium, in San Francisco.

Friday, Nov. 16, 2018|3:49 p.m.

NEW YORK– Apple has signed a multiyear movie production handle A24, the acclaimed New York-based studio behind “Moonlight” and “Girl Bird.”

People near the deal who asked for anonymity since they weren’t licensed to comment verified the arrangement Thursday. Apple is investing in scripted content with the objective of taking on the likes of Netflix and Amazon. The offer links Apple with among the most respected makers of prestige and arthouse titles in film.

Neither Apple nor A24 commented Thursday. Uncertain is the number of films the deal includes, or if the movies will be released theatrically.

A24 was previously rumored to possibly be an acquisition target for Apple. This deal leaves the supplier of films like “The Witch,”” Mid90s,” “Hereditary” and “Eighth Grade” with its independence.

Private funeral service held for Stan Lee, more memorials in works


Jordan Strauss/Invision/ AP In this June 28, 2017, file picture, Stan Lee gets to the Los Angeles best of “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

Friday, Nov. 16, 2018|4:07 p.m.

LOS ANGELES– A small, personal funeral has been held to mourn Marvel Comics magnate Stan Lee, and his company is making more plans to memorialize him.

” Stan was always adamant that he did not want a large public funeral service, and as such his family has actually performed a private closed ceremony in accordance with his last dreams,” Lee’s company POW! Entertainment stated in a statement to The Associated Press on Friday.

POW! Home entertainment has set up a memorial wallon Lee’s site where pals, colleagues and fans can share thoughts, prayers and homages to Lee, and messages from fellow developers and artists will be published on Lee’s social networks pages in the coming days.

The business says further memorial strategies are in the works, and hopes to share more information quickly.

” The magnificence of Stan makes this a huge job,” the declaration said.

The 95-year-old was stated dead after being rushed to a Los Angeles hospital on Monday. No cause of death has been offered.

He co-created the Unbelievable Hulk, Spider-Man, The Great 4, and many of the other heroes in the Marvel comic and cinematic universes. He was a hero himself to fans who crazy for his film cameos and public looks as he stayed an ambassador for Marvel till the end of his life.

Next AG needs to understand role

Thursday, Nov. 15, 2018|2 a.m.

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Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned by request after a tenure of 21 months, never regretting his recusal from supervising Robert Mueller’s Russia collusion probe. President Donald Trump regularly stated that Sessions abandoned his leadership of the Justice Department by recusing himself and was not able to properly supervise FBI operations as an outcome.

Whoever is Sessions’ successor should not fire Mueller. And more importantly, the individual nominated and verified need to understand and understand that she or he runs the Justice Department, a firm that is part of the executive branch of the federal government, and not an entity unto itself.

With such high demand, Canada has actually gone to pot

Thursday, Nov. 15, 2018|2 a.m.

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The doorway behind the front counter of Coffee shop 66 conjured images from black-and-white motion pictures of a speakeasy throughout Restriction in the United States, when alcohol was banned by constitutional amendment. Prior to another modification had to be embraced reversing the ban, gangsters hefting submachine guns shot it out with J. Edgar Hoover’s G-men– FBI agents– trying to stop truckloads of booze coming in from Canada.

“Please knock prior to going into,” checked out the sign scrawled above the door. Rapping gently, tentatively pressing the panels open, I was greeted by display screens bearing pictures of sticks of marijuana with exotic names like “Mango Pie,” “Thin Mint GSC,” “Duke Nukem,” “Yukon Gold” and “Green Lantern,” among others. Notes helpfully recommended differences in flavor and strength– “mellow” was a persistent theme.

In fact, I may have copied down more names but for a careful boy behind the counter. “What are you composing?” he asked. Not amazed when I told him I didn’t wish to forget those colorful names, he asked me to please stop. When I identified myself as a journalist, he said he had nothing to say.

Right, it’s now legal for those 19 and above to smoke, whiff, chew or grow marijuana anywhere in Canada. The catch is, here in Toronto and the rest of Ontario Province, home to one-third of Canada’s 37 million people, you need to purchase it online through the main Ontario Marijuana Shop. While the guidelines vary from province to province, it’s technically unlawful to buy it nonprescription in all of Ontario.

How then could this tiny store, understood for offering marijuana long before it was formally legislated last month, offer it so freely? “By the grace of God,” the young man reacted as consumers were lining up. “Don’t fret.” When I paused at the screen of cannabis-laced cakes and cookies, he begged, “Please hurry.”

Unwillingly, I took the hint.

So enthusiastic are Canadians about their newly won liberty to smoke pot that the online service for Ontario has just about run out. Orders go unfilled for weeks, packages show up late, and dealerships, legal and illegal, thrive regardless of whether they are within the letter of the differing laws of Canada’s 10 provinces and 3 areas.

So erratic and inconsistent are the policies from province to province that it’s likely to take years for the folks who govern the nation from the capital of Ottawa to integrate all the guidelines and regs. At Coffee shop 66, I bought one joint for $12– overall $14 after the guy added $2 for the plastic envelope in which it was wrapped. Taking no opportunities, a note in small letters on the front mentioned it was for “medicinal purposes only.”Right.

Not everybody is so willing to wink at the law. Another place that came advised had the appropriate name, Finest Buds. I made sure they too would be stocked with marijuana, however the place was tight shut. Through broad plate glass windows, I saw just empty shelves.

While I was knocking to be sure nobody was prowling inside, willing to offer buds surreptitiously, 3 or 4 individuals joined me, all prospective consumers. “Aren’t they open,” one asked plaintively, hurrying up with high expectations. “What’s going on?”

A day or 2 earlier, I had actually gotten a whiff of the sensitivities as I waited at the Niagara Falls entry while a Canadian immigration official asked a great deal of questions about why I was visiting his nation. He would like to know about my relationship with my host– old buddy from Vietnam War days– for how long I would stay, how typically I ‘d been in the nation.

When I told him I was a reporter, he asked what I ‘d be discussing. I’m uncertain I had to respond to all those concerns, however I ‘d read in the paper in Buffalo, the closest big U.S. city to this particular crossing, about individuals arrested with a stash in their vehicle– the very first I ‘d known about the legalization of marijuana in Canada.

For sure, when my good friend invited me to his excellent location for an exchange of old war stories, I hadn’t been thinking about reporting on marijuana. Simply to keep the migration man happy, I said I might discuss the trade dispute in between Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, and President Donald Trump– undoubtedly a safe subject.

Holding on to my passport, the man shut down his window prior to examining a computer system for a long minute. After he returned my passport and told me I was complimentary to enter, I asked what he had actually been looking up. “You can go,” he said. When I repeated the question, he purchased, “Go.”

So I think relations in between the United States and Canada are not the best these days while Trump grumbles about trade problems that have nothing to do with the illicit import of Canadian marijuana. No, I would not think about returning to the United States with joints in my car. The news on Canadian TELEVISION priced estimate U.S. migration officials and New York state troopers stating anyone caught with the stuff at the border would lose their entire stash and face prosecution.

But wait. Will the Canadian experience set a precedent for the United States– and other nations where pot remains unlawful? U.S. mindsets toward cannabis differ widely even if it’s OKAY in some places for medicinal purposes. Canadians seem to have rather blended sensations. Yes, any adult can get it, online or over-the-counter. No, do not get high while driving– the penalties there are if anything more rigid than for drinking while intoxicated on alcohol.

When it comes to the joint I had purchased at Cafe 66, I didn’t light up. Having actually heard– and written– a lot about drugs among U.S. soldiers in Vietnam all those years back, I do not touch the stuff. Prior to bidding a fond goodbye, I provided the joint to my pal, who let me know I ‘d been overcharged. Appears the going cost on the open black market, pre-legalization, was $6.

Donald Kirk has been a writer for the Korea Times and South China Morning Post, to name a few newspapers and magazines. He composed this for