Group of dentists accused of gang rape in Las Vegas launched without bail

Poria Edalat (far left), Saman Edalat (left), Sina Edalat (right) and Ali Badkoobehi (far right) were arrested on rape and kidnapping charges. (LVMPD)
 Poria Edalat( far left), Saman Edalat (left), Sina Edalat (ideal) and Ali Badkoobehi (far ideal) were detained on rape and kidnapping charges. (LVMPD) Poria Edalat( far left ), Saman Edalat (left), Sina Edalat( right) and Ali Badkoobehi( far ideal) were jailed on rape and kidnapping charges.( LVMPD). LAS VEGAS( FOX5 )-. Attorneys for a group of California dental practitioners detained on rape and kidnapping charges at the Wynn Las Vegas forecasted the case will be dropped as soon as prosecutors examine mobile phone video evidence. Dental Practitioners Ali Badkoobehi, Sina Edalat, Poria Edalat, and Saman Edalat

drove back to California on Thursday night after being released without bail, inning accordance with their lawyers. Robert Draskovich, the defense lawyer representing Badkoobehi, said that video evidence will show that the

group sex was consensual. Craig Hendricks, the defense attorney representing Poria Edalat, sent out a statement to FOX5.

” Although our customers have actually been held without bail since Saturday, we are grateful to the DA’s office for accepting launch them after they were provided and reviewed exculpatory video proof that clearly showed very various scenarios than what was represented by the alleged victim,” Hendricks composed. “Charges are still pending. The case has actually not been dismissed and we are completely working together with law enforcement in regard to the ongoing investigation.”

Jess Marchese, the defense attorney representing Saman Edalat, said his client did not even take part in the encounter. He likewise mentioned that district attorneys wouldn’t have enabled the dentists to be launched without bail if they had a strong case.

Christopher Hamner, the prosecutor assigned to the case, did not immediately respond to messages.

The next hearing for the 4 dental professionals is arranged for Oct. 1.

Authorities say these four dental practitioners raped a lady at the Wynn this weekend.

Today they were released without bail and drove back to California, although the charges have not been dropped.

Defense lawyer state video evidence from that night will show the group sex was consensual!.?.!— Adam Herbets( @AdamHerbets) August 3, 2018 Copyright 2018 KVVU( KVVU Broadcasting Corporation

). All rights reserved.

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