Is the '' deodorant difficulty' ' the latest harmful teen fad?

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” title=”( Facebook/ jamie.wasrobertson )” border= “0” src=” /wp-content/uploads/2018/05/16723936_G.png” width=” 180″/ >( Facebook/ jamie.wasrobertson). (Meredith)– There was the Tide Pod obstacle,

the cinnamon obstacle, and now the most recent teenager trend– the deodorant challenge? The difficulty itself just involves spraying aerosol antiperspirant on your skin as long as possible. It can result in horrible chemical burns that can weep yellow pus for weeks.

A Facebook post from recently has actually gone viral, drawing attention to the challenge. Graphic pictures in the post show Jamie Prescott’s teenage child with painful-looking burns on her arm. The caption says the wound is currently 3 weeks old and might wind up requiring a skin graft to heal effectively.

In spite of the recent Facebook post, the antiperspirant difficulty is in fact not a new craze. The Huffington Post reported on the trend back in 2014, mentioning teens in the United States uploading videos of the challenge to YouTube. There is likewise some concern as to the scope of the difficulty. The event from the viral post occurred in Yate, England, however there isn’t really much proof showing that the challenge is popular anywhere else– at least not recently.

Concerned moms and dads can just hope this was an isolated event and not a sign of an extensive trend. Needless to say, teens (or anyone else) ought to be dissuaded from spraying themselves with aerosol items for extended periods of time.

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