New Face: Tiffany Ponds-Kimbro

The level of partnership between systems at UNLV to support the university and its goals is something that Tiffany Ponds-Kimbro, assistant director of marketing and communications for the Boyd School of Law, states she discover both outstanding and appealing.


I feel quite that though the Strip might be the centerpiece of Las Vegas, UNLV is the backbone of the city. The university is a place of commonness and community. It’s important to me that I believe in the mission and worths of my employer and I found with UNLV I can do just that.

Where did you grow up and what was that like?

I was born and raised in Cleveland. To me, it was fantastic, even with all of the snow. Cleveland has a substantial cultural sector that consists of shows, museums, and festivals that occur every year and are so much fun. I really miss The Nutcracker every holiday season, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and trees.

Exactly what are a few of your task responsibilities?

I deal with the director producing internal and external interactions products like the UNLV Law publication, print and online marketing, and collateral. I’ve been given the task of the school’s social media to widen our reach and inform our stories on those platforms. I’ll likewise be managing and upgrading the UNLV Law site.

What inspired you to get into your field?

I have actually always been interested in brand names and how they share details to their audience. My very first intro to marketing was in print advertisements in Vogue and Harper’s Exchange and they were the most stunning things I ‘d ever seen. As I began college I found out that all of that communication had to be planned, photographed, budgeted, then distributed in a style that was best for that brand name. I then learnt how to comprehend brand name in a wider scope and ended up being even more interested.

” If I could not operate in my current field, I wish to …

Teach history, I believe. History is usually told in the voice of the “conquerors” and colonizers, however has never ever really offered equivalent consideration to those conquered and what their customs and culture were like prior. A time when you have been daring:

Most just recently, in 2012. I moved my entire family to Las Vegas in order to take part in a management program with MGM Resorts International. While I’m not presently with that company, the lessons learned there have stuck with me and benefited me in every subsequent position.

An object in your workplace that has significance for you:

I have a crayon-colored photo of Oscar the Grouch provided to me by one of my best friends. It advises me to take a step back and not jump to conclusions or get too upset over things that can be repaired. She gave it to me one day when I was being especially irritated.

Something people would be shocked to learn about you:

I’m a huge fan of the golden age of films and old Hollywood. I absolutely like Vincente Minnelli, Busby Berkeley, and George Cukor films. I love everything from the dialogue and shipment, to the outfits and music numbers.

Books on your night table:

The Fluctuate of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany, a Regency England love book, and I’m excitedly waiting for Becoming by Michelle Obama.

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