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Cops: Male apprehended in death after knocking on door naked

Court date reset for mother, sweetheart in kid death

Monday, Nov. 26, 2018|3:23 p.m.

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Cassie Smith Authorities in Las Vegas are waiting for autopsy findings prior to proceeding with charges against the mother of a 3-year-old kid found dead on Labor Day at a remote area near Lake Mead, and the lady’s partner.

A judge on Monday reset a hearing for Jan. 31 on murder and child abuse claims versus 20-year-old Cassie Renee Smith and 41-year-old Joshua Oxford.

Smith and Oxford were apprehended Sept. 3, a day after Smith reported her kid, Daniel Theriot, went missing at a Las Vegas park.

Cops launched a search while distributing a photo of the blond boy with a broad smile using a pirate costume.

Cops say Smith later on explained Oxford hitting the kid and putting warm water on him, and that Smith’s 2-year-old son also showed signs of physical abuse.

Household of vocalist Chris Cornell sues physician over his death


Casey Curry/Invision/ AP In this July 29, 2015, photo, Chris Cornell positions for a portrait in Agoura Hills, Calif.

Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018|4:21 p.m.

LOS ANGELES– Relative of Chris Cornell on Thursday sued a physician they state overprescribed drugs to the rock singer, causing his death.

Cornell’s widow, Vicky Cornell, and their children, Toni and Christopher, are complainants in the suit submitted in Los Angeles Superior Court alleging that prescription drugs, specifically the anti-anxiety drug lorazepam, resulted in unpredictable behavior from the Soundgarden frontman prior to his death in Detroit in 2017 at age 52.

The claim says Dr. Robert Koblin and his Beverly Hills office “negligently and repeatedly” recommended “unsafe mind-altering controlled substances to Chris Cornell which hindered Mr. Cornell’s cognition, clouded his judgment, and triggered him to take part in unsafe impulsive habits that he was unable to control, costing him his life.”

It focuses in particular on Koblin’s recommending Cornell big amounts of lorazepam– which is offered under the trademark name Ativan– to Cornell in the 20 months leading up to his death. The claim mentions Koblin and his office personnel issued the prescriptions without the doctor physically examining or talking to Cornell throughout that time duration.

Coroner’s detectives ruled Cornell’s death a suicide by hanging. Toxicology tests revealed the presence of Ativan together with barbiturates, caffeine, the anti-opioid drug naloxone, and a decongestant.

However the autopsy report said the drugs were not a cause of death.

The claim says Koblin understood Cornell had a major history of substance abuse.

The “unmonitored use of such excessive amounts of lorazepam … was known to increase the threat of suicide because it can severely impair judgment, believing and impulse control and diminish the capability of a patient to think and act logically,” the suit states.

Personnel reached by phone at Koblin’s workplace said there was no instant comment.

Vicky Cornell has actually stated considering that instantly after her other half’s death that she felt the prescription drugs he was taking drove him to behave oddly, and there were no indications he may take his own life.

” At the time of his death, Mr. Cornell had whatever to live for and was preparing a future of recordings, performances and continued work as a charitable activist,” the lawsuit says.

Cornell’s wailing voice and his long-haired, shirtless stage presence made him an important figure in the grunge-rock of the 1990s. Soundgarden was among the first groups to surge to nationwide attention in a wave that later on consisted of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains.

Cornell also fronted the super-groups Audioslave with members of Rage Against The Device and Temple of the Pet with members of Pearl Jam.

Last month, a bronze statue of Cornell was put up outside the Museum of Popular Culture in Seattle.

The suit, which seeks damages to be identified later, likewise names confidential staffers at Koblin’s workplace as accuseds.

Cornell’s earliest child, 18-year-old Lillian Jean Cornell-Silver, is also called as a defendant, but the claim highlights that she is only consisted of for procedural factors.

Trial reset in Las Vegas for man likewise kept in Illinois death

Friday, Oct. 5, 2018|11:38 a.m.

Trial has actually been reset to next year in Las Vegas for a man dealing with felony child sex and abuse charges in Nevada and a different murder charge in Illinois, where his 6-year-old daughter’s body was discovered in a St. Louis-area town.

Jason Quate’s trial had been scheduled Monday, however a judge last month approved his court-appointed legal representative more time to prepare.

Prosecutor James Sweetin stated Friday that he’ll be attempted first in Las Vegas and then in St. Clair County, Illinois.

The case came to light after Quate’s wife, Elizabeth Odell-Quate, informed police in June 2017 that her husband required her into prostitution, eliminated their youngest child and was abusing their two other daughters, ages 12 and 13.

Elizabeth Quate is because of plead guilty in December in Illinois to a felony concealing a body charge.

Mommy in hot cars and truck death: '' It never crossed my mind until I got off''.


Blondia Curry is sad following the death of her son, Dameer, after he was left in a hot vehicle while she went to operate in Emporia.

Curry said she forgot the young boy in her cars and truck since he was asleep.

“If I could give my infant the breath from my body, I would.” Blondia Curry said.

Surrounded by household just days after losing her youngest child, Blondia Curry is speaking up on exactly what occurred.

“I went to work and I simply forgot to drop Dameer off. I forgot all about it. I was so overloaded.” Curry said.

Curry operates at Domino’s pizza in Emporia.

She states the lady who was suppose to view 6-month-old Dameer cancelled, and that shook off her regimen.

“I got to work at 4:02 p.m., and it never crossed my mind until I left,” Curry said. “I returned in the automobile and stated I have to go choice Dameer up first and I understood never ever dropped him off. I simply reached in the back and felt back there and he was back there in the seat. He was burning up.”

Police say the young boy invested 5 hours inside the hot car.

“He was asleep, so I didn’t hear him or anything. I just hope to God everything happened in his sleep,” Curry stated. “I hope he never woke up or anything. Everybody is asking why and passing judgement, but I know I enjoy all 4 of my children.”

Friday was likewise Curry’s very first day back to work for Curry, after her 10-year-old child was hospitalized and diagnosed with diabetes.

“We are going through, and we require individuals’s prayers and genuine love.” Curry’s mama stated.

Memories now flood the mind of the grieving mom.

“I simply consider just how much he smiles,” Curry stated. “He was the happiest baby. He constantly smiled.”

Curry states she already feels guilty and the hate from the internet is consistent.

The mom is not facing any charges at this time from police. She is now planning a funeral for her young kid.

The family is selling customized mugs to bear in mind Dameer and has actually begun a GoFundMe account to assist cover the expense of the funeral service.

“Everyone has a lot to state, but I need to deal with this for the rest of my life,” Curry stated. “Tomorrow, next week, everybody will forget about it, however I need to think of this every day. Every day.”

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'' No one did it much better' ' – Response to Aretha Franklin'' s death


< img class=" photograph" src= "https://photos.lasvegassun.com/media/img/photos/2018/08/16/AP18228487757775_t653.jpg?214bc4f9d9bd7c08c7d0f6599bb3328710e01e7b "alt="

Image”/ > Shea Walsh/ AP In this Nov. 21, 2008, file picture, Aretha Franklin carries out at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. Franklin passed away Thursday, Aug. 16, 2018 at her home in Detroit. She was 76.

Thursday, Aug. 16, 2018|3:59 p.m.

Reaction to the death of soul icon Aretha Franklin, who passed away Thursday:

” Through her compositions and unmatched musicianship, Aretha helped define the American experience. In her voice, we might feel our history, all of it and in every shade– our power and our discomfort, our darkness and our light, our mission for redemption and our hard-won regard. She assisted us feel more linked to each other, more hopeful, more human. And in some cases she assisted us just forget about everything else and dance.”– Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, in a statement.


” This morning my longest friend in this world went home to be with our dad. I will miss her a lot however I understand she’s at peace.”– Smokey Robinson, in a statement.


” The most constant voice in music for 60 years has actually been Aretha Franklin’s voice … The world of music has actually lost a little its soul.”– Jesse Jackson, in an AP interview.


” I cannot remember a day of my life without Aretha Franklin’s voice and music filling up my heart with so much happiness and unhappiness. Definitely sad she’s gone, what a lady. Thank you for everything, the melodies and the motions.”– Adele, via Instagram


” It’s an unfortunate day however what a glorious lady. Her voice states it all!”– Keith Richards, via Instagram.


” It’s difficult to envisage a world without her. Not just was she a distinctively brilliant singer, however her commitment to civil rights made an enduring effect on the world.”– Barbra Streisand, through Twitter.


” No matter the number of great singers and voices there will always be 1 Queen. #ArethaQueenForever.”– Oprah Winfrey, by means of Instagram


” Aretha Franklin. The Queen of Soul. The Icon. The ultimate vocalists’ singer. The greatest vocalist and musician of my lifetime. The power of your voice in music and in civil rights blew open the door for me and so numerous others. You were my motivation, my coach and my pal.”– Mariah Carey, by means of Twitter.


” A national treasure to everybody. However to me personally, Aretha Franklin was my dear, dear good friend, my homegirl, and I enjoyed her a lot. From seeing her as a baby singing and playing at the piano at her daddy’s house, to her offering a rousing efficiency at the White House, she has constantly been amazing. No matter how the music has actually changed throughout the years, she remained so appropriate.”– Berry Gordy, in a declaration.


” It seems really unusual to get up and hear that she passed today even though she lived such a long and satisfied life. It’s no secret that she’s an icon. She is an icon of all icons … I don’t know anyone she hasn’t motivated.”– Nicki Minaj on Apple Music.


” What a life. Exactly what a tradition! A lot love, regard and gratitude. R.I.P.”– Carole King, via Twitter.


” She is now in the pantheon of God’s greats, in the bosom of household.”– Whoopi Goldberg, through Twitter.


” I’m absolutely devastated by Aretha’s death. She was really one of a kind. She was more than the Queen of Soul. She was a national treasure to be valued by every generation throughout the world. Apart from our long professional relationship, Aretha was my pal. Her loss is deeply profound and my heart has lots of sadness.”– Clive Davis, in a statement.


” We have actually lost among the terrific artists of our time. Aretha Franklin was one of God’s valuable gifts to the world_one of God’s shining jewels. She is deeply loved by millions of people as the Queen of Soul. Her voice is still a guiding light to vocalists today.”– Rep. John Lewis, via Twitter.


” It’s a sad day for the world with the loss of our Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin. My career is one of numerous that stand on the shoulders of not only an extraordinary voice however also a remarkable woman. My household and I send love and prayers to her family. Her legacy will survive on forever.”– Bobby Brown, in a statement.


” Aretha Franklin and I have actually been good friends and label mates for more than sixty years. I adored her and I know the feelings were shared. While I’m heartbroken that she’s gone I know she’s in the Lord’s arms and she’s not in discomfort or suffering any longer.”– Sam Moore, in a statement.


Today has constantly been a difficult day for me, and now the ‘Queen of Soul’ Aretha Franklin has actually left us, this loss distresses my heart not just was she a fellow Memphian, however she was likewise my inspiration to sing.– Lisa Marie Presley, via Twitter. Thursday is the 41st anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death.


” Aretha was such a classic motivation to me therefore many others, the ultimate queen, thank you for the present of your voice, music and unshakeable soul.”– Christina Aguilera, through Twitter.


” Her voice; her presence; her design

No one did it better

Genuinely the Queen of Soul

I will miss you!”– Lionel Richie, in a declaration.


” Salute to the Queen. The greatest singer I have actually ever understood.”– John Legend, by means of Twitter.


” The loss of Aretha Franklin is a blow for everyone who loves real music: Music from the heart, the soul and the Church. Her voice was unique, her piano playing underrated– she was one of my favorite pianists.”– Elton John, through Instagram.


” The older I get, it appears like the more ‘goodbyes’ must be said, and the more difficult they are to say. I just heard that Aretha Franklin has passed. I have actually known Aretha because my early years in New york city. We utilized to joke around. She was something! I simply want to say to her household that I really appreciated her as a vocalist and as a woman. I am so sorry we have actually lost her. Goodbye my friend.”– Willie Mays, in a declaration.


” We have actually lost another legend from the civil rights age. From the time she was a teen, Ms. Franklin has actually been singing freedom songs in support of my father and others in the battle for civil liberties. As a daughter of the movement, she not only used her voice to amuse but to boost and motivate generations through tunes that have ended up being anthems such as “Regard” and “Bridge over Troubled Water.”– Dr. Bernice A. King, in a statement.


” I’m being in prayer for the wonderful golden spirit Aretha Franklin.”– Diana Ross, by means of Twitter.


” From the time that Dinah Washington first informed me that Aretha was the ‘next one’ when she was 12-years old till today day, Aretha Franklin set the bar upon which every female singer has and will be measured. And she did it with the professionalism, class, grace and humbleness that just a real Queen could. I cherished every moment that we invested together from operating in the recording studio, to performing on the actions of the Lincoln Memorial, or just hanging in the cooking area, and I will miss her very much. RIP Ree-Ree. You will reign as the Queen forever.”– Quincy Jones, in a statement.


” Today the world has actually experienced a remarkable loss. Aretha was an unusual treasure whose unequaled musical genius assisted craft the soundtrack to the lives of so many.”– Patti LaBelle, through Twitter.


” One of the highlights of my profession was singing with #ArethaFranklin at The Tony Awards. It was an out of body experience for me. Among biggest vocalists of perpetuity. You will be missed out on by all.”– Hugh Jackman, through Twitter.


” The Spinners dream to reveal their heartfelt acknowledgements to the household of Aretha Franklin. It was Aretha who recommended Atlantic Records to The Spinners in 1968, where they made their greatest hits. Aretha Franklin will permanently be the Queen of Soul.”– The Spinners, in a statement.


” For more than 50 years, she stirred our souls. She was sophisticated, stylish, and utterly uncompromising in her artistry. Aretha’s very first music school was the church and her efficiencies were powered by exactly what she found out there. I’ll constantly be grateful for her kindness and assistance, including her efficiencies at both my inaugural celebrations, and for the chance to be there for exactly what regretfully turned out to be her last efficiency last November at a benefit supporting the fight against HIV/AIDS. She will permanently be the Queen of Soul and so much more to all who understood her personally and through her music. Our hearts go out to her household and her many fans.”– Bill Clinton, in a statement.


” She was an amazing artist and a fantastic vocalist, however she was also like the lady next door. I think what kept her actually grounded was her spiritual training, and her daddy. The world has lost an actually terrific person.”– Kenny Gamble, who worked with Franklin in 1969, when she tape-recorded his tune “A Brand New Me,” in an interview.


” The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, is dead. She was an excellent woman, with a fantastic present from God, her voice. She will be missed!”– Donald Trump, via Twitter.


” Lucky enough to have actually seen Aretha live exactly as soon as, and this was it. Thank you for the music, we will be listening to you forever.”– Lin-Manuel Miranda, through Twitter.


” Aretha Franklin was just peerless. She has actually ruled supreme, and will always be held in the highest firmament of stars as the most exceptional vocalist, performer and recording artist the world has ever been privileged to witness.”– Annie Lennox, through Twitter.


” Let’s all take a moment to give thanks for the beautiful life of Aretha Franklin, the Queen of our souls, who inspired us all for many, several years. She will be missed but the memory of her greatness as a musician and a great human being will deal with us forever.”– Paul McCartney, via Twitter.


” Deeply saddened by the death of a precious pal and queen/warrior Aretha Franklin. Her contributions are famous both personally and societally. We hope you take a time out today to remember the life of a lovely soul.”– The Rev. Al Sharpton, by means of Twitter.


” Rightfully known worldwide as the ‘Queen of Soul,’ Ms. Franklin’s matchless voice and remarkable profession have actually left an indelible mark on the lives of many and will never be forgotten.”– RCA Records, in a declaration.


” Aretha Franklin– I want to thank her for her fantastic voice singing the signature tune of ‘A Different World.’ She made a big, strong positive effect on that series. I am playing a cut from her CD– the title of the song is ‘Wholy Holy’– and she’s live in a church. Bon Voyage.”– Expense Cosby, in a statement.

Lady'' s death credited to infection from a pet lick

MILWAUKEE, Wisc. (WTMJ)– A local female’s death was possibly triggered by an infection from a canine lick, the same infection that is afflicting one West Bend man.

Earlier this month Greg Manteufel developed a comparable infection, leading to the amputation of his hands and legs. Physicians think it was from a bacteria transferred to him when a pet licked him.

[Related: Guy has actually 4 limbs amputated after pet dog lick leads to severe blood infection]

Sharon Larson had just gotten a young puppy. It nipped at her, triggering a small cut. A day after taking him to the vet for a check-up, Sharon was hurried to the healthcare facility.

“I was informed she could get struck by lightning 4 times and live, win the lottery two times,” stated Sharon’s other half Dan Larson. “that’s how uncommon this is expected to be.

Dan is still in shock. He believed she had the influenza.

“General antibiotics that they put her on didn’t do anything,” he said.

Within 2 days at Wheaton Franciscan in Franklin, Sharon was dead, at 58-years-old.

“I feel like I got robbed. Lost my best arm. My buddy,” Dan stated.

Physicians informed him she evaluated favorable for capnocytophaga. They say the germs, discovered in the saliva of a lot of pet dogs, felines, even some human beings, is rarely problematic and practically never ever lethal.

However when specific individuals come in contact with it, it can have terrible repercussions, like for Sharon.

“I had no knowledge,” said Sharon’s boy Steven.

Sharon’s child desires more answers given that there is no real tracking of how many cases there have been.

“What do you desire individuals to know? To always be more mindful. cut to individuals think nothing of getting an easy pet bite. But even something so basic … can go wrong,” Steven said.

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North Las Vegas police examining '' suspicious death' ' after body found in desert

North Las Vegas authorities stated they are examining a” suspicious death” after a body lay in a desert location Friday afternoon.

( Roger Bryner/ FOX5 ). NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV (FOX5) -.

North Las Vegas authorities said they are investigating a “suspicious death” after a body lay in a desert area Friday afternoon.

Officers responded to the event in the 8900 block of Las Vegas Boulevard North, near Interstate 15. Cops stated ATV riders discovered the body of a female, obviously in her mid-20s.

An investigation is continuous.

Stay with FOX5 and FOX5Vegas.com for advancements.

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Death row interview: Denied two executions, Dozier states awaiting death is '' torture '.

Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2018|9:35 a.m.

Scott Dozier was ready to pass away. He spent the past a number of months questioning: Is this the night? Rather, he’s back to doing to the very same thing he’s been doing for the previous years.

To see the full story, click on this link.