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Without question, the UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law has produced various recognized graduates in its reasonably short 20 years of presence. But you ‘d be hard-pressed to find anybody with a wider variety of experience than Sandra Douglass Morgan, who earned her J.D. in 2003 as part of the school’s third graduating class.

In a nutshell: Morgan clerked for 2 years at Parker Nelson and Associates; moved on to MGM Resorts to encourage on corporate-risk matters as a litigation attorney; signed up with the City of North Las Vegas in 2008, initially handling the legal side of land usage, planning, and zoning, prior to ultimately increasing to deputy city lawyer, then city attorney; then she went back to the economic sector to work as director of external services for AT&T.

If you ask Morgan the trick to her success, she’ll point all the method back to her time in law school.

“I think the options naturally Boyd had available, and the law school experience as a whole, with each class you were learning how to believe seriously in such a way that standard education doesn’t teach you,” Morgan says. “By the end, the law school prepares you to put it all in perspective. It challenged me, and it offered me the desire to continue challenging myself.”

And she’s not simply speaking about her full-time positions over the previous 15 years. The devoted boxing/mixed martial arts fan invested much of the past year on the Nevada Athletic Commission, leaving that post in April only due to the fact that Gov. Brian Sandoval appointed her to the Nevada Video Gaming Commission. Morgan says serving in those roles is just a natural extension of her long time dedication to social work– sustained in big part by Boyd’s enduring community service part.

“You can easily consider approved the legal and analytical skills that you get in law school, due to the fact that at the time you remain in school, you are so focused on last examinations, finishing, and discovering work,” Morgan says. “You later understand the value in what the school taught you when you can apply your skills and assist somebody–‘Wow, I’m able to help people with everyday concerns because of what the law school has actually taught me.'”

It’s those light-bulb moments that Morgan discovers especially rewarding.

“It’s a sensation that, despite how much experience you have, or how many sophisticated business clients you have, everyone has an obligation to serve those who didn’t have the opportunity to access a legal education,” she says.

Today, Morgan’s social work contributions include dealing with Jobs for Nevada’s Graduates, a program created to get those with high-school diplomas on the appropriate track– be it straight into the labor force or on to college or other post-secondary training.

In all, it’s been a satisfying career, however she’s particularly fond of her time at the City of North Las Vegas.

“I was really pleased with the work I finished with the city,” Morgan states. “It tied back to the law school’s mandatory community service component. I constantly wished to serve the community in some way. To drive by an area and know I had an effect, with a park or recreation center, it’s something I can constantly take pride in.

“And with AT&T, I’m very happy understanding we’re devoted to the way innovation is utilized in society. We’re conscious of social concerns, and it is very important that we put our corporate dollars towards those issues, such as education and innovation. Innovation must be utilized for excellent.”

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