UNLV Newsmakers: June 2018

Innovation holds guarantee to change society, but often it can be a hindrance– both mentally and physically. As UNLV scientists shared in June, the pervasiveness of technology in our lives is affecting our sense of self. It can likewise be a literal nuisance.

Elsewhere on school, the College of Education’s Rebel Academy is helping the local school district battle with a continuing instructor scarcity by training experts to teach in schools this fall. Faculty specialists shared insight on Supreme Court choices, labor relations, and Nevada’s primary elections with media nationwide. And a new acting president was named. Marta Meana, a renowned scholar, teacher of psychology, and dean of the Formality College, started July 1st and will serve until a national look for the university’s next president is complete.

These stories and more make up the latest edition of UNLV Newsmakers.

iPads Can Be Actual Nuisance

” iPad neck”– relentless nuisance and shoulders from slouching or flexing into severe positions while utilizing tablet computers– is a growing issue amongst Americans. A new research study led by UNLV physical therapy researchers took a look at the toll relentless tablet usage can have on our bodies, who’s most susceptible to health impacts (females and young adults), and exactly what can be done about it.

Innovation Overload

Innovation carries the pledge to make our lives simpler, however at what cost? UNLV sociologist Simon Gottschalk argues in new research that people need to resist “terminal” logic– our pressing dependence on technology– as the existing rate of engagement is considerably affecting our sense of self. Essentially, our “brand-new typical” isn’t quite so typical. In fact, it could be damaging to our physical, mental, and social health. Decreasing may appear impractical in today’s on-demand society, but Gottschalk says it’s necessary for imagination and innovation.

Marta Meana Called Acting UNLV President

The Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Board of Regents voted in early June to appoint Marta Meana as acting UNLV president. Meana, a popular scholar and teacher of psychology at UNLV considering that 1997, has been dean of UNLV’s Formality College since 2012 and formerly acted as senior consultant to the university president. She began in the function July 1 and will serve until a national search for the university’s next president is completed.

Rebel Academy

Clark County School District is anticipated to open the school year this fall with as many as 800 instructor jobs. One method UNLV is responding to the requirement is through Rebel Academy, a fast-track teacher certification program for professionals from fields outside education. Last month, 14 soon-to-be teachers finished the four-week program, which provides hands-on experience in course curriculum advancement, lesson planning, and real-life classroom direction under the guidance of mentors. Participant-teachers are qualified for fall hire by the school district and will go back to school this fall to finish required coursework for complete licensing.

UNLV Specialists Provide Insight to National Issues

In June, UNLV professors experts were contacted by media nationwide to lend their insight to problems making news. Professors shared their viewpoint on a wide-range of subjects, from U.S. Supreme Court choices and Nevada’s primary elections, to pushing social and legal concerns, politics, and the future of individualized medicine.

Wall Street Journal (David Damore on effect of Nevada’s primary elections).
Sirius XM( Sheila Bock on exactly what graduation caps inform us about society).
ABC News( Barbara Brents on Stormy Daniels).
NBC News( Take Legal Action Against Fawn Chung on the journey to identify 19th century Chinese remains in Northern Nevada).
U.S. News & World Report( John Tuman on Nevada’s race for guv).
Market (Ruben Garcia on Supreme Court’s Janus decision
). Fox News( David Schwartz on Supreme Court’s judgment on sports wagering).
Las Vegas Review-Journal( Martin Schiller on $11 million grant to UNLV to advance personalized medicine research). Taking part in the Conversation. UNLV recently formed a partnership with The Conversation U.S., an independent source for notified commentary and analysis, composed by academics and provided directly to the public. UNLV professors contribute insight on pushing national problems, which is shared through The Conversation U.S. and offered to media outlets nationwide. Over the past a number of weeks, UNLV faculty have actually shared their viewpoint on everything from area to the United States Supreme Court. Ruben Garcia on the future of organized labor following the U.S. Supreme Court’s Janus decision. David Orentlicher on polarization and the U.S. Supreme Court. Georgiann Davis on sex and gender diversity in the U.S. Bing Zhang on techniques astronomers use to observe deep space. Michael Green on Nevada, Yucca Mountain and the federal government. Want more? Go to UNLV” In the News” and stay up to this day with the most recent media protection featuring UNLV.

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