VA cronyism is an outrage

Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018|2 a.m.

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The Sun’s current editorial relating to an unauthorized troika of Mar-a-Lago members directing the management of the Department of Veteran Affairs in offense of the Federal Advisory Committee Act has actually captured my attention.

As a veteran who served over 10 years in the Air Force during the Korean Conflict, I discover it appalling that the decision-making authority of the Department of Veteran Affairs with a spending plan of $199 billion is being vested in a trio of county club members who have never served a cumulative day in the military.

They have actually been offered this authority not in Washington, or in the West Wing, or through an act of congressional approval however by the president’s cronyism to the locker space crowd at Mar-a-Lago.

Is this the method to run the Department of Veteran Affairs? Is the administration draining the swamp or restocking it?

As a vet, I desire professionals running the department, not a troika of cronies.

Awaken America, we’re being crapped on.

You can make a modification. Enact November.

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