Violence has actually only just started

Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2018|2 a.m.

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President Donald Trump acted surprised that bombs that were sent out to prominent Democrats and CNN. I am surprised that his message of hatred toward Democrats and the press didn’t lead to such actions quicker.

Trump has a really fragile base that lives on every word he says. The result he has on his brainwashed and exceptionally extreme base can not be measured.

At rallies, he asks fans to turn their attention to the back of the room and requires them to look at the “opponent of the people” and purveyors of “phony news.” Recently, he has taken to referring to Democrats as the “mob” and as evil people. Did Trump not expect a response from any crazed individuals who attended his rallies, read his tweets and listened religiously to Fox News?

Trump has on many occasions promoted violence. At a recent rally in Montana, he praised a congressman who was condemned of knocking a press reporter to the flooring. Throughout project rallies, he informed some participants that if they would strike somebody in the mouth, he would pay their legal costs.

It is hard to picture him altering his methods and rhetoric, so we should anticipate more of his inflammatory remarks, in addition to more terrorist attacks on his opponents.

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